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WULET — Swap your loyalty points!

Store all your bonuses in one app and exchange them whenever you need.
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1 WU = 0,001 ETH
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Private sale
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8 000 ETH
49 000 ETH
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Mobile App

With the help of the application you will be able to use all the functionality of the platform, from receiving the crypto-cashback, ending exchanging and trading of loyalty points you have.
App will be available in:


2Q2017 Idea of WULET: Digging into problems of loyalty programs 4Q2017 Developing a Blockchain architecture for the project Developing a technical paper for the project 2Q 2018 Partnering with international companies Developing an EOS-based MVP with partners 4Q2018 Starting a Private Sale Releasing an App with 50+ organisations 4Q2018 World road show in 20+ countries Reporting results of MVP testing 2Q2019 Releasing plug & play integration mechanism for partners 4Q2019 Releasing a final version of WULET
Private sale


Agreements with our partners may allow WULET to exchange loyalty points of the following companies:


WULET is a blockchain based platform that unites all loyalty programs with a synergy effect for companies. We are creating the ultimate tool that will help customers to store all their cards, discounts, and coupons in one convenient system, to exchange loyalty points of different companies and use them timely to their maximum effect. In the meantime, it will allow companies to elevate the management of loyalty programs to an absolutely new level, to benefit from entering a “blue ocean” market of tradable loyalty points and to increase ROI and client retention rate.

  • Payment information is uploaded onto WULET using a QR-code;
  • You can spend your bonuses on partner marketplaces, save in the form of WU-token, or sell them on the WULET internal exchange;
  • All discounts and promotions are located in one app, WULET, and you don’t need to go through each programme individually;
  • You receive profits, and the store gets a loyal client.
  • You participate in multiple loyalty programmes, where each has their own internal points structure and privileges;
  • You cannot use, or exchange points received on different programmes as you see fit;
  • The storing of all your existing bonus cards is inconvenient.
WULET will implement its own internal exchange, where bonus points of various loyalty programs will be presented. This will allow customers to decide what bonuses they need, and companies to keep those loyalty programs that are already well-known and loved.

Our Mission

To create a new “blue ocean” of possibilities for the market, which will allow users to trade earned loyalty points (along with unifying user data) and engage those users into consuming on a whole new level with mutual benefits for all (organizations and customers).

Whom is the Platform created for?

The Platform is oriented at once toward the members of the b2c market, and also toward the average user, who wants to monetize their bonus points from loyalty programmes in everyday life.

Ecosystem participants

WULET Ecosystem

  • This system will allow customers to decide what bonuses they need, and companies to keep those loyalty programmes that are already well-known and loved.
  • Businesses will be able to advertise their bonus programmes, increasing brand awareness.
  • Establishment of an internal exchange will attract major market players.
  • WULET will charge a commission from customers for purchasing the bonus points on the exchange.
  • Companies will purchase WU-tokens and decide on the number of tokens that will be awarded to clients as crypto-cashback.
  • Partners will be able to choose the way they will employ WULET:
    1. Award clients with WU-tokens without the opportunity to use them at the partnering establishment. This program would only be aimed at encouraging users to visit the establishment.
    2. Award clients with WU-tokens and accept them as payment. In this case, the partners would attract new customers – those that have WU-tokens.
  • Clients will be able to use WU-tokens to exchange them on an exchange and purchase goods at the WULET partner establishments, or in the WuShop.
  • Companies will be able to pay for additional services, such as banners on the system applications, advertisement or push-notifications, in WU-tokens.

Key advantages of WULET

WULET - a blockchain based platform that unites all loyalty programs with a synergy effect for all companies. We are creating the ultimate tool that will help customers:

  • store all their cards, passwords, discounts, and coupons in one safe place;
  • manage, exchange and buy loyalty (bonus) points from different companies and use any of them to maximum effect at the perfect time;

WULET blockchain ecosystem with its innovative features will allow companies worldwide to:

  • benefit from entering a “blue ocean” market of tradable loyalty points ;
  • breathe new life into the “tired” concept of loyalty programs and increase ROI;
  • receive data, which will allow to adjust loyalty programs strategy;
  • win and retain new customers on principles of personalisation, relevance, and exclusivity ;
  • implement crypto cashback among other customer reward strategies;

Crowdsale stages

It will be possible to withdraw tokens to any ERC20-compatible wallet after the end of all the stages of the campaign.

Token distribution

strategic partners
  • 55
    Product developing
  • 25
  • 15
  • 5

Attracted funds distribution

  • 55% — program integration with organizations and product developing;
  • 25% — marketing, promoting, localization and adaptation of the project for the regions of its presence;
  • 15% — legal aspects;
  • 5% — contractor and client support


Alexander Tkachev


Blockchain Entrepreneur with over 5 years of experience. Over 10 years of advertising and marketing experience. Studied Finance and Entrepreneurship. Former Business Development Director of TeachMePlease. Co-creator of TargeAd advertising agency. Great Networker and Business Strategist.

German Domanskii


Experienced Startup Organizer and Process Builder. Studied Digital marketing and Entrepreneurship. Over 5 years of experience in entrepreneurship. The CEO of two successful and rapidly developing start-up projects Igetup & Foodism. Ideological inspirer & generator of non-trivial ideas.

Alexey Popov


Over 13 years of programming & developing experience. Owner of Aveas Media IT studio. The creator of dozens of video games, websites & mobile apps. Expert in the field of functional programming and global network development. Currently specialized in secure transmission systems and data privacy.

Leonid Strimovskii


Businessman with over 25 years experience in logistics, wholesale and retail trade and e-commerce. Studied Finance and Entrepreneurship. Owner of several international logistics companies. Has 10 years experience in investment management. Involved through the years in many Start-up companies. Currently an active investor in the crypto space.

Georgiy Tautiev

Project Lead

Blockchain and cryptocurrency expert who has been working in IT since 2014. Graduate of GSOM SPbU and IIMC Calcutta with master’s degree in Corporate Finance. Former KPMG employee with extensive experience in logistics, retail and travel industries. As a Strategist, he focuses on Wulet business objectives and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve the best results.

Mark G. Koh

Asian Expansion

His aim is enhancing & enriching Wulet enroute to Asian market. Businessman with over 15 years experience. Analyst in the sphere of gamification. The author and founder of the international card game «Megacorp».

Vyet Fam

Enterprise Customer Solutions

Vyet is an accomplished business analyst with 15 years’ experience managing large companies. Franchisor of international furniture company Kare Design. Founder of logistic company in Israel and Netherlands. With his deep understanding of emerging market opportunities, Vyet is guiding Wulet in the right direction.

Arina Myasnikova

Marketing & PR

Interdisciplinary Generalist who loves creative thinking. Leads all the marketing, pr related matters and connect with Wulet loyal community. Studied International relationship and Philology. Social Influencer, Marketing Enthusiast and Strategic Marketing Expert. Passionate about Startup Marketing and Blockchain.

Seth Boampong Wiredu

Community manager

Has over 6 years experience in managing large network communities. Active in the blockchain community since 2017. Sethis upbeat and knows what it takes to make everyone around him feel good. His charismatic personality reflects through his strong presence in professional social media settings, and he has proven that he is able to provide resolution and information under challenging circumstances.

Victoria Yanovich

Project manager

Lyubov Shuvalova


Alexander Utkin

Client application developer

Victor Grebennikov

Client application developer

Gregory Kalinin

Server programmer

Vladimir Tikhomirov

Over 10 years of experience leading IT businesses. Studied Development and Computer Science. Vladimir provides consultation for Wulet’s day-to-day operations. Curently he is a CEO of MyWish and founder of DDG - software development center with 50 employees, which works with such partners as Danone and Disney.

Tom Kojima

Loyalty expert. President of LSG Strategy Advisory. Highly experienced with North American and Asian market of loaylty programs, where he developed and enchanced loyalty programs for international companies.





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